Fractional CFO Services & Solutions

Providing small businesses and start-ups with the financial & accounting guidance they need to be successful.

When you decide to work with BPR Methods, you are hiring a trusted fractional CFO to provide your company with the tools and strategies needed to make you more profitable, more financially healthy, and to make more informed strategic decisions. We offer an array of services to ensure you achieve your business goals and enable profitable growth with a practical plan for implementation. We are a reliable and trusted ally for businesses seeking financial guidance and expertise and we make the act of attaining your financial goals an easy and practical process.

We provide accounting and financial control processes and implementation plans to ensure your business is keeping track of all of its necessary financial data in an efficient manner. Without the proper financial controls implemented, your business is at risk of overspending or misappropriating critical cash resulting in constraints that can ultimately reduce your chances of success. Companies need to understand what type of processes are required in order to make sure you generate accurate financial budgets, reports, profit & loss statements, and balance sheets. Formulating the proper financial control policies will simplify month-end close and allow you to create a guide, both for yourself and your employees, to make the process of implementing an effective financial and operational strategy an easy one. 


We also offer day-to-day accounting services as well as general ledger and cash management support to make the act of handling your books a breeze. Additionally, we provide bank financing, packaging, and deal sourcing making the process of obtaining debt capital a breeze. Running a business can require you to find ways to constantly reduce costs and improve your company’s overall operational efficiency. BPR Methods assists small businesses with this concern and makes the act of finding the capital you need to operate your business or start-up a reality. We help companies locate trustworthy capital sources to ensure you are working with a reputable firm or individual thereby securing “smart capital”. Working with the wrong investor(s) can turn your business on its head overnight, something BPR Methods can help you to avoid at all costs.

Operating a lean and efficient business also requires you to take cost-effective sourcing and supply chain concerns into consideration, as well as having a handle on contract negotiations and vendor communications. This is often foreign to small businesses and startups, making it important to get a grasp of this part of your business a necessity. BPR Methods will also help you understand your company’s budgeting, forecasting, pricing, and financial modeling needs to provide you with a roadmap to attain certainty in an uncertain world. Looking over all of the components that make up your business’s financial reality can be a difficult and daunting prospect, something BPR Methods can help you to understand and get a firm handle on. 

We can help you determine what types of expenses you need to manage more closely and what will allow you to execute on your business goals while maximizing results. Additionally, if you are looking for an exit strategy and a way to sell your business, we can help locate a willing partner (buyers, financing) to make this goal attainable. Starting a business also requires navigating the world of government regulations, something BPR can also assist your start-up or small business with. We can help explain and simplify complicated regulatory terms to ensure your company is complying with all relevant laws. Our team has worked diligently to understand the ins and outs of financial terms and concepts, allowing us to speak from a position of authority when discussing what your business needs to do to become a success.

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Accounting/fiscal control setup & implementation
Day-to-day accounting and cash management
Bank financing, packaging and deal sourcing
Cost reduction and operational improvement
Equity capital raising, due diligence and investor sourcing
Acquisition strategy, due diligence & finance arrangements
Cost-effective sourcing, supply chain and contract negotiations
P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow strengthening
Financial modeling
Company exit strategy and strategic sale
Project-based financial and accounting support